Basic code

The simplest program to use the library correctly.

#include <ceegeye/ceegeye.h>
using namespace ceegeye;
int main(int argc, char* argv[ ], char *envp[ ]) {
    CGI cgi; // instantiate our CGI object
    xhtml p(cgi);
    p.pagebegin("My CGI");
    p.body( ); // call xhtml functions to send html to the browser
    p.div( );
    // now we can do anything we please. Display information
    // from a database, send email to the moon,'s the limit
    p.divend( );
    return 0;

If this was a file called mycgi.cpp to compile it run the command:

g++ mycgi.cpp -o mycgi.cgi `pkg-config --libs --cflags ceegeye-<version>`

where <version> is the latest version of ceegeye without the <> symbols.

How to use the library with your own code.

CGI specification:- CGI documentation
email ceegeye