Here is what I am about, hopefully the software here will be useful to you, Enjoy. To arms:

  • ceegeye – C++ CGI library (previously jwCGI)
  • Firelance – basic cgi firewall management (iptables)
  • jwSMTP – C++ smtp library
  • Qmailctl.cgi – cgi configuration management for a qmail server
  • MFlogger – simple file logging in C++ (new)

ceegeye is a C++ library for Common Gateway Interface applications. Source code included plus example programs. Library works in Linux, Windows 9x – XP (windows not functioning as a library anymore, may work with new version of VC, you can still compile the object code and link against it though). Simple and no chaff, GPL licensed. FYI the old name for this library was jwCGI.

jwSMTP is a C++ library/code to facilitate sending email programmatically. Source code & example program included. Linux,  (other platforms untested). Simple and no chaff, GPL licensed. Now with basic smtp authentication. note I have used basic C++ functions that should be platform independant and therefore with minor difficulties this code should work on other platforms.

qmailctl.cgi a CGI program (written in C/C++ for Linux) to control the qmail email server from a web browser.

FireLance a CGI program to control a basic Firewall/NAT linux server.